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THI professors offered fascinating insights into different subject areas (Photo: THI).

Campus Rally at the THI

Students from the Hallertau-Gymnasium Wolnzach and the Gymnasium Beilngries went on a discovery tour at the Ingolstadt Technical University. At… more
Innovative technology in the Tesla (Photo: THI).

Proof of concept successful: The THI tests quantum key exchange in vehicle

At the CARISSMA Institute C-ECOS of the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI), together with the company Quantum Optics Jena, a quantum key… more
Prof. Thomas Suchandt (l.) and Prof. Peter Augsdörfer (2nd from right) at the handover of the vehicle in Brussels (Photo: THI).

From student project to exhibit

The THI professors Peter Augsdörfer and Thomas Suchandt presented a replica of the world's first automobile to the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. The… more
The Mobility Region Ingolstadt introduces itself (Photo: THI).

Autonomous driving, drones and Spike the robot dog: This is how the THI and the Ingolstadt Mobility Region present themselves at the IAA

From September 5th to 10th, 2023, the international mobility industry will meet for the second time in Munich. The City of Ingolstadt and the THI will… more
Freshly minted Ph.D.: Alberto Flores Fernández researches vehicle safety (Photo: THI).

100th cooperative doctorate at the THI

Dr. Alberto Flores Fernández has successfully completed his cooperative doctorate at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. more
THI President Prof. Dr. Walter Schober (5th from right) and State Minister Markus Blume (6th from right) at the opening of the modular building (Photo: THI).

Inauguration of the modular building on the Neuburg campus

The building, which received nine million euros in funding from the Free State of Bavaria, was opened on July 28th in a well-attended ceremony… more
Great ideas for a more sustainable future: The winners of this year's Youth Sustainability Award (Photo: THI).

Beaming faces: Youth Sustainability Awards pronounced

The winning projects impressed the jury with their motivation and innovation. Compact Greens won the team competition and Justus Prüschenk the… more
THI President Prof. Dr. Walter Schober (r.) and Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl (l.) with the donors.

Inauguration of the Donor Stele

The first three sponsorship plaques have been installed. The initial donors are Sparkasse Ingolstadt-Eichstätt, Framos Holding GmbH and the Büchl… more
The THI team: Michael Witti, Michael Schmidpeter and Maurice Hufnagel (l.t.r.) with robot Frank (Photo: THI).

Robot deployment in nuclear power plant

In the scientific competition "EnRicH", emergency forces and universities jointly test how robots can intervene in a nuclear emergency. The THI's… more
Sofia Heurich (5th from left) convinced the jury with her logo (top right) (Photo: THI).

A new identity: design awarded

THI student Sofia Heurich prevailed with her logo for Quartier G - alte Gießerei against 53 fellow students from the User Experience Design course.… more


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