Prof. Dr. Alexander Schiendorfer

Room: K205
Subject Area: AI-based Optimization in Automotive Production

Possible applications of combinatorial optimization and machine learning in production & logistics, especially with the requirements of the automotive industry (assembly-intensive, variant-rich production, complex supply chains)

  • Constraint programming, mathematical optimization (e.g. MiniZinc, Google OR-Tools, Gurobi, CPLEX)
  • Machine learning (graph neural networks, uncertainty models, time series)

Ongoing research projects:

  • IKIGas
  • ML4Automapps
  • Since March 2021 Research professor für AI-based Optimization in Automotive Production, Technische
                                  Hochschule Ingolstadt
  • 2018-2020           Senior researcher (untenured), Institut für Software & Systems Engineering,, University of
  • 2013-2018            Research associate and doctorate in computer science, Institut für Software & Systems Engineering,, University of Augsburg
  • 2011-2013            M.Sc. Software Engineering (University of Augsburg, TUM, LMU - Elite graduate program)
  • 2011                      Research internship at Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton, USA)
  • 2011                      B.Sc. Software Engineering (Hagenberg, Austria)

Full CV available upon request or


see also

  • A. Schiendorfer, A. Knapp, G. Anders, and W. Reif. “MiniBrass: Soft constraints for MiniZinc”.
    In: Constraints (July 2018), pp. 403–450. url:
  • G. Anders, A. Schiendorfer, F. Siefert, J.-P. Steghöfer, and W. Reif. “Cooperative Resource
    Allocation in Open Systems of Systems”. In: ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive
    Systems (June 2015), 11:1–11:44.

Student research assistants

  • Erik Hass
  • Anand Balaji . 

Former members

  • Nitin Augustine
  • Zübeyir Oflaz
  • Celeste Groux
  • Sidhant Bhavnani