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Interdisciplinary and unique: the "take-home internship"

"Internship to go" is the name of the practical exercise that has so far been unique at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) and is offered in the… more
A student in front of THI

Master Applied Research student represents the interests of students throughout Bavaria

Here you can read the whole interview with our Master's student Johanna Weidlich, the spokesperson for the Bavarian student representation: The… more
A professor with the corpus in the university building

Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Eckert in interview

As the first medical doctor at THI, Prof. Dr. med. Eckert now teaches across all faculties in our Life Sciences degree programmes. What made him come… more
Several robots in the lab

After the basics, now applications from practice

In the robotics programme, fourth semester courses with practicals on industrial robots (in the background) and mobile robots (in the foreground) are… more

5G creates new possibilities for connected mobility

The innovation project "5GoIng" is intended to ensure better traffic flow and at the same time more safety in roundabouts with autonomous driving. more
Professor Notomista sits in the CARISSMA car

Professor Gennaro Notomista, a former graduate of the International Automotive Engineering course, as a visiting scholar at THI

Even as a student on the International Automotive Engineering course at THI, Gennaro Notomista stood out for his outstanding performance and his… more
President presents the DAAD Award to a Master's student

Farewell and awards for graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

In a hybrid ceremony, the TH Ingolstadt said goodbye to its graduates and honoured special achievements. 1186 graduates were unfortunately only able… more