News from the Faculty

Students took the opportunity to exchange ideas (Photo: THI).

Successful ARC Conference at the THI

With a total of 114 presentations and 55 posters, the ARC-Conference held this year at the THI was a remarkable gathering of Master of Applied… more
THI professor Andrea Klug at Wolf GmbH (Photo: THI).

First cooperation in the dual master's degree program in patent engineering

Starting in the winter semester of 2023/2024, the THI will offer a master's degree program in patent engineering, the only one of its kind in Germany,… more
The THI team: Michael Witti, Michael Schmidpeter and Maurice Hufnagel (l.t.r.) with robot Frank (Photo: THI).

Robot deployment in nuclear power plant

In the scientific competition "EnRicH", emergency forces and universities jointly test how robots can intervene in a nuclear emergency. The THI's… more
Tests on the road (photo: THI).

Funding for Bavarian-Czech research project

The TREND program supports "Traffic_Talk: 5G Application in V2X Sensor Networks." The consortium consists of the THI, the Czech Technical University… more

Full E-power ahead - electrified towards the future

The ferry connection between the northern German ports of Norddeich and Norderney is to be electrified and equipped with a new type of fast charging… more

Roll out SRe23 - the tenth race car of the Schanzer Racing Team

Schanzer Racing Team presented the new vehicle for the 2023 electric racing season. more

THI expands teaching and further education in the patent field

To mark "World Intellectual Property Day", Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) is providing an overview of teaching and further education… more