FarmErgy - intelligent into the energetic future of agriculture!

The kick-off for the FarmErgy project took place on 08.10.21. The project is concerned with developing technical solutions and business models for the energy management of agricultural businesses based on AI-based digital electricity meters.

Figure: Structure of the farm's control system based on electricity consumption data disaggregated by an AI algorithm.

The project consortium consists of the Institute for New Energy Systems (InES) at Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI), Maschinenringe e.V. and Steinbacher-Consult. The focus is on 20 dairy farms and 10 pig fattening farms, on which data will be collected in order to train the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. The aim of the collaborative project is to promote automated and cross-sector networking in the agricultural energy system. The project is funded by Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank for the purpose of research for innovations in the agricultural industry.