Research News

Stabilizing weak power grids in North Africa Presentation of SWITCH project at the LEAP-RE conference in Kigali, Rwanda

From 10-13 October 2023, the annual conference of the LEAP-RE programme took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The THI-led SWITCH project is funded within the… more

International lecture series on electromobility starts again

Online lectures by experts on the subject of electromobility from November 2 to December 12 more
Counting loops and time series of counts on the Southern Ring Road (Photo: e:fs).

Live and freely accessible: SAVeNoW provides traffic data from Ingolstadt

The SAVeNoW research project makes vehicle counts from the entire Ingolstadt city area and high-resolution weather data publicly available.… more

Focus areas in research

Currently, around 70 professorships with 200 academic staff are conducting research primarily in the fields of Mobility & Road Safety, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Sustainability & Renewable Energies. THI is represented in the HRK research map with the three main research areas "Vehicle Safety", and "Innovative Mobility" and "Renewable Energies".



Research Institutes

The main aim of applied research and of THI is to bring findings from basic research into application. Therefore, about one third of the university’s total budget is invested in research. As a result, THI is one of the top research universities for applied sciences in Germany.

Research at THI is organised in research institutes - CARISSMA (C-IAD, C-ISAFE, C-ECOS), AImotion Bavaria, Institute for Innovative Mobility (IIMo), Institute for New Energy Systems (InES), Sustainability in Research and Transfer Center Neuburg (ForTraNN) and the Bavarian Foresight Institute (to be founded soon). In addition, the university works closely with the three AN-institutes AININ, Fraunhofer Anwendungszentrum and inas.



Bavarian Foresight Institute

Foresight in Technology and Business


Research and Transfer Center for Sustainability in Neuburg

Promoting research and young scientists

THI is strongly committed to young academics. For years, doctoral projects in the fields of technology and economics have been carried out very successfully with partner universities in Germany and abroad. Together with the TU Munich, THI is the sponsoring university of BayWISS in the "Mobility and Transport" collaborative research centre. All doctoral students at THI (about 100 at this stage) are supervised by the university's own Graduate Center.


VIce President for Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Großmann
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