Hands-on workshop in the project ÖkoFlussPlan - Installation of solar thermal collectors and storage tank

Members of the Institute for New Energy Systems at the project partner Citrin Solar in Moosburg an der Isar with Daniel Beckenbauer (left)

Assembled components on the system storage “Fresh” as a result of the workshop

In the framework of the ÖkoFlussPlan project the community building in Kyrgyzstan called “Real Lab” in Kyrgyzstan will be equipped with a solar thermal system. Scientists from the Institute of new Energy Systems (InES) will be in charge with this work package. A hands-on workshop at the project partner Citrin Solar in Moosburg was performed to get familiar with the installation procedures.

After an introduction into the various configurations and fastening systems for rooftop installation of the collectors, the focus was on mounting the collectors themselves on the prepared "roof", a special practice platform. It is important to work as precise as possible so that all the prefabricated elements, including the connectors between the collectors, fit together in the end. Next, the installation of the system storage tank called “Fresh” was practised. Modules for supply and consumer side can be attached directly to the storage tank, which ensures a clear structure of the heating system and enables quick installation. Daniel Beckenbauer and Andreas Kiesel, two employees from Citrin Solar leading the hands-on workshop, said that special attention should be paid to the correct sequence of work steps.

The day at Citrin Solar was concluded with a guided tour through the factory, which provided a detailed insight into the company's production fields. The storage tank fabrication is the first important production area. Including cutting the sheet metal for the storage tank wall, bending, and welding it is easy to understand which individual working steps are necessary to manufacture such a product. A special feature of the production line are the different storage configurations in order to meet all customer requirements. A unique serial number is assigned to each storage tank, which describes the exact arrangement of ports and internal installations. Here, there is a wide range of different combination options to meet the requirements of the various supply systems such as solar thermal systems, heat pumps or boilers. Another important field of activity at Citrin Solar is the production of solar thermal collectors. Again, Daniel Beckenbauer answered every question in detail and explained the advantages of silicone bonding compared to other production techniques. Finally, the visitors from InES were able to visit at the heating centre of the newly built and adjacent “Sonnenhaussiedlung“. A large woodchip boiler and, of course, solar thermal and PV systems supply the energy needs of the entire neighbourhood.

The insights into the production process and taking part at the hands-on workshop were very useful for the scientists from the institute.

The ÖkoFlussPlan project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and was started in 2019. ÖkoFlussPlan is part of the BMBF's Client II initiative.