Ringvorlesung zur Elektromobilität


Title: Sustainable Battery Lifecycle Management and Chances for Second Life

Speaker: Guangyue Liao - AVL Deutschland GmbH, Germany

With a rapidly growing market share of electric vehicles in the global market, the demand on lithium-ion batteries is continuously growing. To ensure true sustainability, the environmental impact of a battery along the whole value chain must be considered. Application of batteries beyond their first life influences actions from very beginning of design concept phase and virtual solutions will contribute to high efficiency in development for saving valuable resources. Clever management of batterie’s life via monitoring from 1st life to 2nd life prolongs lifetime and prepares for 2nd use. AVL battery lifecycle management combines long years’ know-how in development, testing and simulation, including ageing modelling, lifetime prediction, data management, virtual driving monitoring/strategy optimization, state-of-healthy estimation and measurement. This lecture will provide an overview on sustainable battery lifecycle management and the fundamental knowledge on battery re-use and recycling.

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