Above the roofs of Ingolstadt

Minister of State Markus Blume and THI President Professor Walter Schober commissioned the first tranche of solar panels on the roof of THI's… more

Projekt BIO-FIT: Dritter Workshop-Durchgang stößt erneut auf reges Interesse

Im Rahmen der Workshopreihe „Biogas nach dem EEG – Handlungsmöglichkeiten für Anlagenbetreiber“ fand am 10. August die dritte Wiederholung des… more

A Remarkable Success: Unravelling the Highlights of the 4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

In a dynamic display of innovation and collaboration, the highly anticipated 4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to… more

Official Kick-Off of SWITCH

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the SWITCH project, titled "Stabilizing weak grids through machine learning: empowering farmers in… more

Final event "EOM-Plus": Analysis of the short- and medium-term effects of smart markets

The Department of Energy Systems Engineering of the Institute for new Energy Systems (InES) of THI, together with the Friedrich-Alexander University… more


In addition to the industrial research, publicly funded research projects with industrial involvement and project-based support by appropriate funding institutions within the energy and environmental technology are of central importance. Further, the Institute for New Energy Systems (InES) is involved in several national and international research networks, such as the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme of the International Energy Agency. Institute scientists are also represented in numerous national and international committees and advisory boards.

Particular attention will be given at InES on the education and training of young scientists, so that  a number of research projects are connected to the promotion or the master's degree of a project team member. Here, several doctoral research and research-related Master's theses have already been successfully completed. Secondly, students from all study courses of the Technical University of Ingolstadt and from national and international partner universities are actively involved in the research projects.
From the research activities of InES more than 120 scientific publications and lectures so far resulted in English and German.


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner
Head of Institute of new Energy Systems (InES)
Phone: +49 841 9348-2270
Dr. Christoph Trinkl
Head of Institute of new Energy Systems (InES)
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