Cooperative doctorate process

A doctorate at THI always takes place in cooperation with an university (cooperative doctorate). The consequence for the doctoral candidate is that their proposed dissertation will be supervised by a supervisor from a cooperative university as well as a THI professor. THI has excellent contacts to german and foreign universities.

The exact doctorate process is defined by the regulations for the award of doctoral degrees of the cooperative universities and faculties and thus differs according to each cooperation partner. However, the following five "milestones" characterise the cooperative doctorate process. 

Milestones of a cooperative doctorate

1. Research topic definition

Initially, a suitable proposed research topic for a doctorate will be identified in agreement with the THI supervisor. This generally refers to current research projects in the institute or field of competence. 

2. Establishing contact with the cooperative university

After the topic has been narrowed down, a university professor to supervise the proposed dissertation has to be found. Many research professors at THI have good contacts to university professors in their field of research. 

3. Admission to doctorate

Official admission for a doctorate takes place in accordance to the respective cooperative university or faculty guidelines. Normally a good university degree is required; some universities also require provision of examination results.

4. Writing the dissertation

Writing the dissertation mostly begins in parallel with steps 1-3 described above. Therefore, there is a smooth transition.

5. Submission and "defence"

In order to acquire a doctor´s degree your own research work generally has to be "defended" in an oral examination and must be published. Afterwards the cooperative university awards the doctor’s degree which bestows the right to bear the title of doctor. 


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