Bavarian Autonomous Remote-Controlled Shuttle: Economic operation of autonomous shuttle buses by teleoperation - platform development considering user requirements

The project objective is to design autonomous shuttle buses in such a way that they are allowed on the road without a safety operator. To this aim, the project will determine how such buses must be designed so that they can be operated by a teleoperator who can intervene if necessary. Only then will it be possible to operate shuttle buses in an economically viable manner. For research purposes, a functional carrier with novel sensor technology is to be built. To this end, the THI is working on the topics of testing (C-ISAFE) and acceptance (C-IAD). While the focus in the area of acceptance lies on the user and his interaction with the future teleoperator, existing testing methods of assistance systems are adapted to autonomous overall systems within the framework of testing at C-ISAFE. Real weather conditions in particular play an important role here. C-ISAFE continues to be responsible for defining the technical and cognitive requirements in interaction with the other project partners. This lays the foundation for the following work packages with regard to the integration of a teleoperator, the sensor technology, the algorithms, the structure of the technology carrier as well as the validation.


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