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AI algorithms play an important role for the operation of unmanned aerial systems in the safe execution of flight, coordination of swarms, interaction with humans, and integration into the airspace shared with manned aircraft. In this context, they are used for sensor signal processing for airspace and obstacle awareness, as well as autonomous trajectory planning and decision making for safe and efficient flight control of individual flight systems and drone swarms . These AI algorithms can be executed by small unmanned aerial systems due to the increased computational power of on-board embedded systems to provide appropriate sensor data collection, processing, and fusion for the applications enumerated above and to act on these results while still in flight. Furthermore, AI algorithms enable faster and more robust development of increasingly complex flight systems. The focus is on reducing design iterations through "generative designs" as well as proving the performance of AI algorithms, which is essential in aeronautical engineering.


Professors in Unmanned Flying

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Elsbacher
AI-supported Aeronautical Engineering and Product Development
Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel
Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel
Intelligent autonomous Flight Guidance