Options for going abroad

About half of our students spend a period of time abroad as part of their studies at the Business School. The first point of contact is generally the THI’s International Office, which maintains contact with all partner universities as well as offering consultation and support when it comes to planning and undertaking a period of study or an internship in another country. In addition, all professors and lecturers are more than happy to help when questions arise.

The THI Language Centre prepares students to tackle the linguistic challenges they encounter when they go abroad. It offers languages courses not just in English but also in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese as well as providing instruction in intercultural skills.

Options for going abroad - offers of THI Business School

Semester abroad

Students who opt to take one or more semesters abroad can sign up for courses at one of the more than 140 THI partner universities and have their credits counted towards their degree course at THI.

The THI International Office offers a detailed step-by-step guide.

Double Degrees

A Double Degree Drogramme enables students to acquire two degrees of equal status – one at THI Business School and another at one of our partner universities.

Currently, the Business School offers Double Degree Programmes for the Bachelor degree programmes in International Management, Business Administration and the Master degree programme Financial Management and Controlling, in collaboration with the following partner universities:

  • Australia: University of the Sunshine Coast (BA)
  • Canada: Camosun College (BA)
  • Scotland: University of Abertay (BA)
  • USA: University of Massachusetts, Boston (MA)

The THI International Office is able to provide further details of our Double Degree Programmes.

Summer Schools

Summer Schools last a few weeks and are currently offered at the Business School as part of the following degree courses:

  • Financial Management und Controlling: Summer School in China

This is an ideal opportunity to gain work experience abroad, laying the foundation for a successful career start. If it is planned appropriately, an internship abroad can count fully towards a degree course.

The THI International Office offers a detailed step-by-step guide as well as an internship search portal.

My stay abroad

Four weeks of Summer School in China

I definitely wanted to join this! From middle of August until middle of September 2018, I and nine fellow students of my master degree program Financial Management and Controllingvisited Beijing and Shanghai. We attended various lectures and visited Chinese companies. In addition, there were guest lecturers who taught for example about behavior towards Chinese business partners. 
At the weekends there was enough time to visit Chinese tourist attractions. The Great Wall as well as the skyscrapers of Shanghai and the Tian’men Place in Beijing are absolutely gorgeous.
The best thing is that I made new friends with Chinese and Austrian students. All in all: an absolutely worthwhile experience I will never forget.

Florian Plail, 6th semester, Financial Management and Controlling M.A.

Double Degree at the Seminole State College
I’m studying International Management at THI Business School and at the time, I am enrolled as full time student at Seminole State College of Florida, located near Orlando. I will spend one year abroad. Afterwards, I also want to do my internship here and at the same time write my Bachelor thesis for THI.
The workload is rather high because I acquire two Bachelor degrees at the same time. Here in the USA you don’t have to attend lots of lectures. However, I’ve got much more homework to do every week. I don’t pay any student fees but you should keep in mind the living costs in Orlando when thinking about applying for this Double Degree Program.
Anyways, I definitely don’t regret my decision to come here. Perfect weather, sports events, parties, beach etc. create an incredible experience. I would apply for the program again and again.

Marina Vorholzer, 5th semester, International Management B.A.

Contact International Office

Sonja Bedington
Head of International Office
Sonja Bedington, M.A.


You have gained exciting experiences during your stay abroad and would like to share it with other students? Contact us. We're looking forward to your report / video / pictures etc.