Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Today, the vast majority of medical diagnoses and decisions are based on data. Be it laboratory results of a blood test or the radiological analysis of a computer tomography image. Medical experts have learned to interpret these data and extract diagnostically relevant aspects from them with astonishing precision.
But the treasure trove of combined medical images and data sets can yield even more insights when combined and analyzed with modern machine learning techniques.

AI models can furthermore be used in the generation of medical image data. Thus, they combine theoretical model knowledge with measured values about complex functions and allow the improvement of image quality or the direct synthesis of diagnostic content from raw data via the approximation of these functions.

Our research group is mainly concerned with imaging in pathology and magnetic resonance imaging. 

Professors in Medical Imaging

Prof. Dr. Marc Aubreville
Prof. Dr. Marc Aubreville
Image understanding and medical application of artificial intelligence
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Marion Menzel
Biomechatronics and Sensor Data Analysis