The focus of International Summer School Entrepreneurship lies on teams developing a service or a product that offers a possible solution to a real problem, e.g. ecommerce solution or app development. Participants will have to pitch their final approach before a jury board and have to hand in a design brief or business plan.

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Course description

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Please note that this programme overview can be subject to alterations.

  • kick-off: introduction & expectations
  • entrepreneurial action: business opportunities (lecture)
  • identifiying painpoints (lecture)
  • wrap-up and next steps
  • developing your business idea (lecture)
  • forming teams & design thinking workshop
  • presentations: problem space & ideation
  • wrap-up and next steps
  • value proposition (lecture)
  • pain point validation & value proposition (teamwork)
  • presentations: value proposition
  • wrap-up and next steps
  • product market fit (lecture)
  • guest speaker
  • minimal viabel product: lean startup concept (lecture)
  • prototyping: building your 1st level MVP (teamwork)
  • presentation: MVP setup
  • wrap-up
  • prototyping: building your 1st level MVP (teamwork)
  • business model development: lean startup concept (lecture)
  • pivoting to MVP 2nd level (teamwork)
  • wrap-up an next steps
  • sales & marketing (lecture)
  • guest speaker
  • presentations: MVP-2
  • wrap-up and next steps
  • business concept (incl. support programs, ecosystem and legal environment - lecture)
  • preparing business concept (teamwork)
  • wrap-up an next steps
  • the pitch (lecture)
  • finish business concept (teamwork)
  • hand-in final business concept
  • preparing final pitches (teamwork)
  • final pitches
  • wrap-up
  • lunch party & farewell


Prof. Dr. Martin Bader
Studiengangleiter Entrepreneurship & Digital Business, Gründungsbeauftragter der Business School

+49 841 9348-3344
Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Shirley
San Jose State University (USA)


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We look forward to welcoming you to Ingolstadt!