The focus of the International Summer School UX Boot Camp is on designing applications in social environments, e.g. supporting inclusion or hospital environments. Participants will work in project groups to design experiences based on different technologies and natural user interfaces.

Course description

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Please note that this programme overview can be subject to alterations.

Day 1: The Art of UX Design: Key phases of the UX Design process


  • Welcome

  • General introduction to the UX Design, the user-centered design process following ISO 9241-210 and its methods

  • Campus and library tour
Day 2: The Art of UX Design: Building empathy with users
  • Introduction to qualitative user research and its methods including practical exercises
  • First introduction to the context-of-use for the project work: a disabled home and a hospital


Day 3: The Art of UX Design: Idea-making and Creativity
  • Introduction to creative problem solving, ideation techniques and co-creation with users
  • Lecture on Design for Accessibility


Day 4: Excursion to Munich
Day 5: UX Design in Practice: Field Study
  • User research on-site (disabled home and hospital) to generate a comprehensive understanding of the user group and context
Day 6: UX Design in Practice: Analysis and Synthesis of the Field Study
  • Analysing the field study
  • Deriving with insights and personas
  • Creating ideas and concepts
Day 7: The Art of UX Design: Refining ideas by making them tangible
  • Introduction to UX prototyping: From low- to high-fidelity
  • First prototyping and iterating the concepts of the project work
Day 8: UX Design in Practice: Prototyping ideas and concepts
  • UX Prototyping with different materials and techniques
Day 9: The Art of UX Design: Evaluating ideas throughout the process
  • Introduction to usability testing and evaluation methods in UX including exercises

Day 10: UX Design in Practice: Evaluating prototypes with users
  • Evaluating the prototypes on-site with users (disabled home and hospital)
  • Analysis of the results and iteration of concepts and prototypes
Day 11: Project completion: Preparation and presentation of results
  • Final presentation of project work
  • Farewell dinner


Prof. Dr. Simon Nestler
Prof. Dr. Simon Nestler
Prof. Heather Barker
Associate Professor of Design at California State University Long Beach
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Stahl
Prof. Ingrid Stahl
Mensch-Maschine-Interface Design
Prof. Dr. Veronika Ritzer
Prof. Veronika Ritzer
Interaction Design


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We look forward to welcoming you to Ingolstadt!