The focus of the International Summer School UX Boot Camp is on designing supportive systems for accessibility. Participants will work in project groups to put technologies such as gesture or voice control, robotics and VR/AR into practice.

Course description

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Please note that this programme overview can be subject to alterations.


  • general introduction to the UX Design progress following ISO 9241-210
  • on-site visits (disabled home and hospital) to generate a comprehensive understanding of target group
  • teambuilding
  • enabling technologies: virtual and augmented reality, lectures, demos, and experiments
  • UX Design process: carving out team project ideas, mutual discussion, rough concept development
  • teamwork
  • presentation of paper prototypes
  • enabling technologies: robotics, lectures, demos, and experiments
  • UX Design process: get to know laboratory possibilities for prototype design, refine concept
  • matching concepts with reality (expert evaluation with representatives of disabled home and hospital)
  • enabling technologies: gesture control, lectures, demos, and experiments
  • UX Design process: evaluation of prototypes, how to do, what to measure
  • preparation of an evaluation
  • enabling technologies: voice control, lectures, demos, and experiments
  • UX Design process: on-site visits for evaluation
  • analyse evaluation results, let improvements flow in
  • prepare pitches for the final day
  • UX Design process: presentation of pitches (to experts of the German UX-for-Accessibility working group)


Prof. Dr. Thomas Grauschopf
Technische Informatik und Betriebssysteme
Prof. Dr. Johann Schweiger
Technische Informatik und Ingenieurmathematik
Prof. Dr. Simon Nestler
Prof. Heather Barker
Associate Professor of Design at California State University Long Beach


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