News of the THI Business School

THI students found association for sustainability

Based on an initiative of students of THI Business School and THI honorary professor Reinhard Büchl, about 60 students of all schools founded “Our... more

Professors of THI Business School visit France

At the end of April, Prof. Dr. Georg Stephan Barfuß und Prof. Dr. Werner Schmidt of THI Business School and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Zehbold of the Faculty... more

Certificate proves entrepreneurship skills of THI students

Studying at THI qualifies for entrepreneurial thinking and acting. THI students of all degrees can prove this with the certificate “Entrepreneurship... more

Field trip to psw and Continental

In summer semester 2019, 57 students started their studies in the Bachelor degree programme Business Administration at THI Business School. Part of... more

Prof. Limanskis – new guest lecturer at THI Business School

In summer semester 2019, Prof. Dr. Andrejs Limanskis supports THI Business School as guest lecturer. He specializes in the areas of Corporate... more


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