THI students found association for sustainability

THI honorary Professor Reinhard Büchl (front) with Board and members of the recently foundation association "Our Future e.V." Source: THI

Based on an initiative of students of THI Business School and THI honorary professor Reinhard Büchl, about 60 students of all schools founded “Our future e.V.” The non-profit association focuses on actions around the topic of sustainability. Non-THI members can also join.

Among other things, the association plans actions in the areas of environmental and climate protection. At the inaugural meeting, three Bachelor students of THI Business School were elected in the Management Board: Denise Rink (Digital Business, B.A.) as 1st chairwoman, Robert Kemna (Business Administration, B.A.) as 2nd chairman, and Denise Wittmann (International Retail Management, B.A.) as 3rd chairwoman.

Sustainability is one of the core issues that THI focuses on in its development for the next ten years. The foundation of “Our future e.V.” by THI students goes hand in hand with this strategy.