New: „thinkBusiness“ podcast of THI Business School

David López Caballero from think e.V. and Lisa Eller, student of the master degree programme Marketing / Sales / Media of THI Business School. Picture: THI

THI Business School launches a podcast called “thinkBusiness”. In cooperation with think e.V., a student association at THI, students of THI Business School inform about everything regarding studying. They offer helpful and practically oriented support for organizing the daily study routine or recommend party locations, student events and much more. The podcast is also interesting for prospective students as current students talk about their personal study experiences and tell what makes studying at THI unique.
The podcast is in German only.

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Episode 1: exam stress
The examination phase just started! Just like all the other semesters, this happens unexpectedly, of course. Whereas the ambitious ones block the learning rooms of the university library, others clean the refrigerator of the student apartment for the third time – procrastination level 100! Who does not recognize him- or herself in one of these scenarios will have fun listening to this episode. For all the others, our student counselling gives advice how to improve everything the next time.

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Episode 2: What studying at THI Business School is all about
Finish of the application phase for the upcoming winter semester! That’s why this episode is all about studying at THI Business School. What makes THI Business School the perfect place for you? How does it prepare you for your future career? In today’s episode, students themselves present their School. They answer typical questions and in the end, you get personal advice how to study successfully here.