Prof. Dr. Shereazad Jimmy Gandhi guest lecturer from the USA visited the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering in October.

We have a number of guest lecturers from all over the world with us at the Faculty and were happy to greet Professor Gandhi (California State University, Northridge) with us some days ago.

Professor Gandhi received teaching awards from Stevens Institute of Technology and The American Society of Engineering Management and we were very curious to talk to him about his background, his teaching and why he is here in Ingolstadt / THI.
- Professor Gandhi, please tell us a bit about your academic and professional background.
I went to the Illinois Institute of Technology for my B.S. Degree in Engineering Management; my PhD in Engineering Management was obtained at the Stevens Institute of Technology. I have completed my PhD in Engineering Management and my qualifying Exam brought me then to my field of expertise: Risk Management and Supply Chain Management. My research also focuses on areas of quality management, globalization and sustainability.
I have also worked in the industry and find the combination of both experiences for my academic work of great asset. Academia has many advantages, one of the greatest is that it is not profit driven and gives more opportunities to explore ideas. My industrial experience directly relates to what I teach. Students should understand and directly apply what they learn in their working life. I also find, that students are more motivated if they understand in what ways they can make use of the theory in their working life.
My publication “Teaching Classroom Tactics to Engineering Faculty for the 21st Century” is about understanding teaching pedagogy; how learning improves marketability for a job and how important thought processes are for the individual careers of the students. 

- California is not around the corner: what brings you to Ingolstadt and the THI?
2013 was the first time I visited the THI. This year, I was holding lectures in the area of     “Sustainability in Supply Chain Management”.
We have a very good relationship with an active student exchange program. In winter, students from the USA come to the THI and in summer, students of the THI have the possibility to study in California
Getting back to your question: Why Ingolstadt…? My answer is: because of the people. The cooperation is great. I would like to say thank you to my main contact Prof. Jattke, Prof. Hecht and Prof. Hofbauer who all actively supports the diversifying the relationship between our two universities. I enjoy coming here all the time and hope, that our cooperation even grows in the future.