Interview with Dr. Andrés-Amador García Granada, Professor for the IQS School of Engineering from Barcelona

Mr. Garcia was visiting THI from 15th until 19th May 2017 as Erasmus+ visiting lecturer.

- Mr Garcia: Where did you study?

I studied a five year degree at ETSEIB-UPC Barcelona in Industrial Engineering with intensification in structural design. I went to U. of Bristol in UK to undertake my Final Year Project where I worked on Residual Stresses on Thick Welds using Deep Hole Drilling. That was in 1995 and I started to do simulations with ABAQUS to understand the experimental results and crate useful models. Then I was offered a PhD for Brittish Aerospace to examine the benefit of introducing compressive residual stresses around the holes of wing panels in order to increase the fatigue life of such components. I carried on using simulations to understand creep relaxation, plasticity, crack growth… I obtained my PhD in year 2000.

- Do you also have industrial experience?

Yes, once I came back from England I started to work for EDAG, an Germany Engineering Consultancy where I carried out all sort of simulations for automotive and aeronautic industry. Then I moved to SEAT car company where I was responsible for the material database for simulation I carried out crash simulations. I was place in Ingolstadt between 2003 and 2004 involved in development of Audi A3 and Q5 among others. 

- Why did you go back to Academia?

I wanted to drive my own research on different topics all related with simulation models. Right now I lead research projects on plastic injection at nano scale, damping on arterial pulse before reaching the Blood Brain Barrier or glass blowing simulations to obtain the right shape

- Why did you come back to Ingolstadt?

I always send student to my old colleague in Audi Simulation Team and I thought it would be a great chance to increase the relation between IQs and THI. I hope more students from THI come now to IQS to undertake CRASH or CATIA courses from our practical approach.

- How did you find the city?

I came to Ingolstadt last time in 2009 and I found that it has grown a lot but with nice style.  Audi is getting bigger and bigger and so is doing THI with great facilities such as which I think can be a great chance for us to share PhD students and research. It is a pity that the football team was relegated as I think Ingolstadt is a first in class city.

- Will you come back?

For sure. Next year I am sending another student to Audi and I hope some of THI students want to come to IQS Barcelona so we have the perfect excuse to meet up again.

We thank Mr Garcia for answering our questions and: see you again soon!