Ringvorlesung zur Elektromobilität


Title: “Battery Lifespan Forecast: Non-Specialist Approach for Data Treatment”

Speaker: Patricio R. Impinnisi and Juliano de Andrade - LACTEC - Institute of Technology for Development (battery division) / UFPR - Federal University of Parana (Electric engineering department), Brazil

Battery ageing is due to physical chemical degradation of its components, it is heavily influenced by operational parameters and determines both safety and long term financial analysis. Battery users, however, aren’t always familiar with electrochemistry and materials engineering.In this lecture, it will be presented methods to estimate and quantify battery degradation by a detailed analysis of its datasheets, operational parameters and sizing. It will be presented an ongoing work to quantify the effect of average state of charge on the battery‘s calendar life, using, exclusively datasheet information. Results and practical application of this method will also be presented.

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