Campus Expansion

August 2008
• Ingolstadt City sells a part of the foundry land (ca. 2, 1 ha) located next to Ingolstadt University premises to the Free State of Bavaria.

December 2008
• Within the Quantitative Target Agreements with the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Ingolstadt University commits itself to double the number of new students to 1000 in total.  
• In return, the State Ministry aims at financing the extension building with an area of 9710 m² and estimated costs of ca. 45, 7 Mill. €. The purpose of the program is to react promptly to the increasing number of students.

March 2009
• Completion of the architectural competition 
• Winning design by Architect’s Office Klein & Sänger
• Campus expansion into the neighboring area (ca. 2,1 ha) 
• Completion of the first construction stage until 2012 (planned)

2009 and 2010
• Construction of lecture room containers on the university campus for the transition period until completion of the new construction.

• Completion of new buildings and grand opening im Sept. 2014, inauguration party in June 2015

• Completion of CARISSMA Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area and opening in June