Theatre for free

At Studver's inititave and THI's sponsoring, we have a new brillant offer for all theatre lovers on THI campus: Take your seats at prestigious Stadttheater Ingolstadt for free and not just for once, but for any of the about 20 productions on show this season! With our new„Flatrate-contract“ THI enables anybody in possession of a valid student pass plus ID to enter productions in the "Großes Haus", "Kleines Haus" and open air theatre in Turm Baur for the whole 2016/2017-season - productions staged at the locations "Studio" or "Werkstattbühne" are excluded from this offer.

Guest performances, premieres and productions in the "Kleines Haus" have a limited quota of 4 places per performance each. Tickets may be ordered by advance booking via phone or online and may be picked up during theatre ticket office opening hours., Tel. (0841) 305 47 200

Important note:

  • bring your student pass plus ID for collecting your ticket, but also for entrance to the performance!
  • pre-booked tickets must be collected at the latest three days in advance or will go back to general sales
  • disclosure of tickets to third parties is prohibited!
  • limitation one ticket only for each student and each performance