What should I do?

Produce a short THi-video and hand it in. Read the  THI general conditions (German language only). Your participation is seen as consent to these conditions.

Some facts for you: 

  • length of the video: ca. 00:30-00:45 Min.
  • The topic is "The beginning", so think about how you felt when you kicked off your studies here at THI. Make it funny or exciting, be creative and keep our prospective students in mind. 
  • Cutting: You may use Adobe premiere in one of our PC-Pools; Details are included in our "Terms"-document
  • questions: If you have any, please turn to marketing@thi.de


  • have an idea, ask some friends to be your testimonial (and make them sign the letter of consent so that we may use the material afterwards), shoot, cut, hand in the clip to us 
  • Please hand in your clip on a USB-Stick with your contact info to the "StMK"-post box in Building F no later than November 23, 2017
  • Please do not forget a signed copy of your own letter of consent (third document in the downloads-section) that will allow us to show and post your clip on Youtube etc.; if that is missing, we cannot let you participate in the award ceremony.  
  • The Shortfilm festival will be your chance to show your video to the public and make people vote for it: Dec. 4, 2017

Prizes: Choose from our THI-Merchandise and select as you please!

1. Prize: THI-Premium: 100 € worth of products

2. Prize: THI-Deluxe: 50 € worth of products

3. Prize: THI-Classic: 30 € worth of products


Go on, be creative!

Some "do's and don'ts":

  • Please do only hand in Clips in .mp4, .wmv or .avi
  • Please remain mainly on campus for your filming activities. You should absolutely refrain from filming inside a house/club. Please make sure that the people you're filming are o.k with that and have signed their letter of consent.
  • for the same reason (copyright!) do use free music only, or none 
  • you may always shoot on the weekends on campus. Please keep in mind that some library rooms are "silent!"
  • PC-Pools with Adobe Premiere are often occupied (please check your Stundenplan/timetable), some  Open-Source-cutting programmes might be an alternative  (https://www.shotcutapp.com/)


You have any questions? Please turn to marketing@thi.de

Important Downloads

"Einverständniserklärung zur Veröffentlichung von Personenbildern": Please let people that you show in your video sign this so that you have proof of their consent to be part of the clip

"Einverständnis zur Verwendung des eingesandten Clips/Wettbewerbsteilnahme": Please ABSOLUTELY sign this yourself and hand it in with your USB-Stick; if it's not included, your video may not take part in the competition

AGBs my THI-life Videowttbewerb