Founding ceremony: Hydrogen technology as the key to the energy transition

THI opens pioneering master's degree program in hydrogen technology and economics

[Translate to English:] v.l.n.r: Prof. Markus Goldbrunner (THI) moderierte die Diskussionsrunde mit Daniela Stelzer (Gunvor), Jürgen Haindl (Bürgermeister Markt Hohenwart) und Dr. Tobias Brunner (Wasserstoff-Technologe-Anwenderzentrum WTAZ Pfeffenhausen) (Foto: THI)

The Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI) is opening up a future field for teaching and research with the master's degree program in hydrogen technology and economics, which is unique in Germany. At the opening ceremony today (Friday), in addition to a presentation of the master's program and the THI's hydrogen research, the focus was also on how hydrogen can contribute to the energy and mobility turnaround (in the region).

Dr. Anton Hofreiter, Member of the German Parliament (MdB), who unfortunately could not attend in person at short notice, emphasized in his welcoming message: "It is not about saving the planet - the planet has already survived other things - and life went on and on. What we need to do is save our own livelihood. Unlike nature, we humans don't have 10,000 years to wait for ecosystems to recover. Nature has that time - we don't." Hofreiter added that the expansion of hydrogen technology could make a significant contribution to combating the climate crisis in particular, because it makes fluctuating renewable energies storable.

The THI study program is the only full-time study program in Germany in the field of hydrogen to date and can be studied hybrid, i.e. on-site or online. In the study program, the entire hydrogen technology chain is taught, from production to possible applications. In addition to the technological aspects, emphasis is placed on the evaluation of sustainability and economic viability. This should enable graduates to play an active role in shaping the energy and mobility transition with the help of hydrogen technologies.

In addition to the presentation of the study program, a panel discussion on the topic "Energy and mobility turnaround: Green Hydrogen and its Application", which, with the participation of Dr. Tobias Brunner (WTAZ Pfeffenhausen), Delia Stelzer (Technical Manager, Gunvor Raffinerie Ingolstadt GmbH) and Jürgen Haindl (1st Mayor of Markt Hohenwart), particularly highlighted the bureaucratic and economic challenges, but also solutions. Further technical presentations on the application, scaling and the combination with biogas offered the guests a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Furthermore, a variety of companies that will benefit from the new study program presented themselves in the THI auditorium:

  •     Gunvor Raffinerei Ingolstadt GmbH
  •     IFG Ingolstadt
  •     Bayernoil Refinery Ltd.
  •     pepper motion GmbH
  •     Autohaus Schober GmbH & Co. KG - Presentation Toyota Mirai
  •     Bürgerenergie Bayern e.V.
  •     Audi AG
  •     Ostermeier Hydrogen Solutions
  •     Plastic Omnium
  •     Wenger Engineering GmbH
  •     MRplangroup - Engineering for Excellence
  •     GKN Hydrogen
  •     Presentation of hydrogen trucks from MAN

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