THI graduate receives Bavarian Culture Award

In her Master's thesis, Kristina Dachtler investigated how artificial intelligence can help in the maintenance of production facilities. She will receive the Bavarian Culture Award for her work on 10 November. The award ceremony will be broadcast on television and online from 7 pm from the Eisbach Studios in Munich.

Kristina Dachtler Bayerischer Kulturpreis

Kristina Dachtler, awared with the Bavarian Culture Award 2022

THI graduate Kristina Dachtler receives the Bavarian Culture Award for her master's thesis in industrial engineering. She investigated how automotive companies can use artificial intelligence (AI) in production facilities to forecast the expected remaining service life of individual machines and components. In this way, maintenance measures for individual parts can be planned precisely. This reduces repair and spare parts costs and avoids downtime and unnecessary maintenance.

Kristina Dachtler now works as a research assistant at THI in the AIMotion Bavaria Institute, which is dedicated to AI-based mobility of the future. There she is conducting research in the Digital Production Cluster on increasing the efficiency of highly automated production lines and is working towards a doctorate. THI President Prof. Dr. Walter Schober, who will attend the award ceremony, congratulates Kristina Dachtler on the award: "Ms. Dachtler's work is an excellent example of the objective of AIMotion Bavaria: to bring artificial intelligence into application in digital production. I am therefore pleased that Ms Dachtler is continuing her research at THI."

In addition to Kristina Dachtler, 32 other graduates of Bavarian colleges and universities will receive the award in the science category. On the same evening, the award in the arts category will go to the countertenor Valer Sabadus, the band Sportfreunde Stiller, the photographer Olaf Unverzart, the artist and lyricist Augusta Laar and the actress Lucy Wilke. The Bavarian Culture Prize is awarded by Bayernwerk in partnership with the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Culture. Markus Blume, Minister of State for Science and Culture, also presents a special prize to opera singer Golda Schultz.

The award ceremony will take place at the Eisbach Studios in Munich and will be broadcast live from 7 pm - online at as well as on local television, including TV Ingolstadt and RFO-Regional Fernsehen Oberbayern.


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