Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt receives another AI professorship in Bavarian competition

Expansion of the AI mobility node at the Ingolstadt site

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Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) will receive another research professorship for Innovative Mobility Concepts and Business Models of Artificial Intelligence as part of the Bavaria-wide competition for AI professorships. This was announced today by the Bavarian Minister of State for Science and Art, Bernd Sibler, at a press conference in the State Ministry. 175 applications were received for the 50 AI professorships, which were awarded as part of Bavaria's High-Tech Agenda.

The new Ingolstadt research professorship will be a cross-sectional professorship within the Bavarian AI Mobility Network, which is coordinated by the THI as a hub. The aim of the Ingolstadt node is to research AI technologies for applications in second and third dimension mobility and in automobile production.

In terms of content, the new professorship focuses on the development of sustainable business models in the field of AI-supported mobility - from delivery drones to autonomous vehicle fleets. The basis for this is the research results of the universities in the Bavaria-wide AI mobility network and the business potential that can be derived from them.

In addition, the professorship assumes an overarching bracket and coordination function in the Bavaria-wide AI mobility network in the development of joint lighthouse projects, including cooperative autonomous driving and AI-supported automobile production. It also plays a role in the organisation of comprehensive scientific exchange and transfer formats in this field.

THI President Prof. Dr. Walter Schober: "With the decision of the expert commission for a further AI professorship at the THI, the AI mobility node in Ingolstadt, which started with ten basic-funded research professorships and a further five foundation-funded or self-funded professorships, is being further upgraded. Together with AI endpoints in Aschaffenburg, Regensburg and Landshut, a network is being created to establish Bavaria as a lead region for AI-supported mobility concepts".

Organizationally, the professorship is integrated into the AI research centre "Artificial Intelligence Networt Ingolstadt" (AININ), whose main focus is on AI procedures in the field of mobility. At the AI mobility node in Ingolstadt, more than 100 basic and third-party funded scientists are to be established by 2025 together with the professorships.


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