New programme for the qualification of refugee academics

"THIntegriert" at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Opening event of THIntegriert

Opening event of THIntegriert (Source: THI)

At the beginning of the month, a new programme with a university certificate was launched at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI): "THIntegriert". It is organised by the Institute for Academic Continuing Education (IAW) and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The programme is aimed at refugees who have already completed a technical, scientific or economic degree course or acquired a comparable qualification in their home country. Using a holistic approach, participants will be able to make a convincing linguistic, professional and also personal impression when they enter the German labour market. "The programme offers a targeted concept to prepare refugee academics for the labour market and the world of work 4.0," explained Volker Stieg, head of the programme. "THIntegriert" builds on the experience gained from the IAW project "Integration Campus", which is coming to an end. The 20 programme participants currently come from Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.
After an introductory event and a tour of the campus, the participants started with a German course. By the end of the programme in March 2022 they will have completed a total of three training phases. During the first phase, the refugees complete an intensive language course within 18 weeks to attain the German level C1 as well as an IT workshop. In addition, they receive advice on individual competence analysis. Phase two comprises five modules with digital learning content. Here the participants learn the basics of digital business, software development, internet technologies and agile methods, among other things. Soft skills such as rhetoric, presentation or intercultural training are also taught. In the third phase an internship in regional partner companies is planned. The programme is accompanied by job-oriented mentoring by mentors from the professional world.
The university certificate, which focuses on the development of language skills in such a way and provides further training for the highly qualified target group in topics relevant to the labour market - such as digitalisation in particular - is unique in the region.
About the Institute for Academic Continuing Education: The Institute for Academic Continuing Education combines all continuing education activities of the THI. The Institute's range of courses includes part-time Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes, programmes with university certificates (including "THIntegriert") and corporate programmes in the automotive, engineering, business, IT and health management sectors.


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