Insights into the Campus: Open Day in Neuburg

On Wednesday, August 30th, an information afternoon will be held to provide an overview of study programs and student life at the Sustainability Campus Neuburg.


Sustainability in management, construction and infrastructure in four bachelor's degree programs - the Neuburg campus of the THI.

Sustainability in management, construction, and infrastructure in four bachelor's degree programs - the Neuburg campus of the THI.

Decision-making aid for the undecided: Anyone who is still not sure whether to start studying in Neuburg in the fall is cordially invited to get to know the campus at the open day on Wednesday, August 30th, from 2 to 4:30 pm. All questions about the organization and content of the program, future prospects, the application process and much more will be answered here - in person in the lecture hall and on campus.

The Dean of the Faculty of Sustainable Infrastructure Prof. Jana Bochert, together with professors from the respective teaching areas, will present the courses of study based in Neuburg: Industrial Engineering and Construction, Sustainable Civil Engineering, and Sustainability and Environmental Management. Campus director Stefan Hoiczyk will discuss what student life in Neuburg is all about, what the infrastructure is like, and what housing options are available. Participants will be given a guided tour of the campus (3:30 and 4 p.m.) and will be able to visit the newly opened modular building.

Interested parties who are unable to attend in person will have the opportunity to join remotely via Microsoft teams. The link and further information can be found at:


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