Innovation & Mobility Lab presented at CoSMoS

Prof. Dr. Harry Wagner explains the future of mobility to visitors in the new "Innovation & Mobility Lab". (Source photo: Hauser)

As part of the Conference on Smart Mobility Services (CoSMoS), which took place on 10 March 2020 at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (THI), the THI's "Innovation & Mobility Lab" showed what the future of urban mobility could look like.

The mobile lab is the result of a project that was implemented as part of the mobility cluster of "Mensch in Bewegung" in the team of Prof. Dr. Harry Wagner. "Mensch in Bewegung" is a joint project of the THI and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) with the aim of opening the universities to the public and making information on current research projects accessible. Accordingly, the trailer will be on site at various events in the future and provide insights into the following topics:

"Virtual City Model": By means of 3D visualization, visitors will experience different mobility scenarios of the city of Ingolstadt and thereby explore the effects these scenarios have in a city.

"Virtual Drone Flight": Urban Air Mobility, better known as "flight taxis", stands for the third dimension of mobility, how it will soon become reality. By means of virtual reality simulation, interested parties can experience what it feels like to fly in an air taxi. The realistic flight is simulated by the software of an aircraft manufacturer, who normally uses it for virtual tests.

"Multimodal apps": In the future, visitors will have the opportunity to test prototype multimodal apps. These are currently being developed. Multimodal stands for the use of several means of transport for a route from A to B. The focus is on the topic of sustainability. By using a multimodal app, it should be possible to motivate road users to adopt mobility behaviour that is both sustainable and safe. The prototypes were developed by THI students in a study project.

The "Innovation & Mobility Lab" can probably be visited on 24.04.2020 and from 11.5. to 16.05.2020 at the Ingolstadt State Horticultural Show near the THI pavilion.


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