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General Information
The role of the women’s representatives is derived from the Bavarian Higher Education Act (Art. 4, Par. 2): Women’s representatives work to eliminate still existing disadvantages for women scholars, teachers and students. They support the university in ensuring a real equal treatment and equal opportunities for men and women working or studying here. 

This means for our university in particular:
• to represent women’s interests at our university;
• to represent women’s interests in the university bodies (senate, extended university board, university council, faculty council and appointment committees);
• to support the university management in improving the study conditions for women students;
• to counsel women on funding opportunities (grants for Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies);
• to inform women on career opportunities;  
• counseling in situations of discrimination and harassment;
• to motivate girl pupils for studying;
• to support the university management in increasing the number of women scholars, teachers and students.

Women’s Representatives at THI:

University Women's RepresentativeProf. Dr. Katherine Roegner
University Women's Representative, DeputyProf. Dr. Manuela Waltz
THI Business SchoolProf. Dr. Andrea Raab-Kuchenbuch
Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringProf. Dr. Elke Feifel

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Glavina 


For information on current events, please see our webpage Events and the internet page Events of Ingolstadt University.

Women Students 

Our various workshops (e.g. “Application training”, “Potential analysis”, “How to manage exam stress”) help you enhance and practice a range of specific key competencies. You can find all dates under Events.

For the personal development and improvement of career opportunities for women students, the “Bayern Mentoring” projects enable women studying technical disciplines to get personal and professional support directly from women engineers. First-year students are coached by students from advanced semesters of the same course of study. For further information, please see Mentoring


Girl Pupils

Besides their counseling role at the university, women’s representatives are contact persons for girl pupils.  

Under the motto "girls go tech", Ingolstadt University offers a wide range of events, e.g. Girls’ Day, Women Scientists’ Camp, Technology Holidays and Technology Day for girl pupils. All these events aim to arouse curiosity and interest of girls and young women for technology and to inspire them for a technical career. For all "girls go tech" events at Bavarian universities, please see www.girlsgotech.de. Girl pupils perform various experiments on their own and under the supervision of women students. Furthermore, the program includes practical reports of women students and graduates as well as information on programs in Engineering and Computer Science. 

For further information, please see Engineering for girl pupils.


Women Professors 

Only 11% women are working at the moment as professors at Bavarian universities. The lectureship program initiated by the Bavarian women’s representatives “Up into the lecture rooms!” aims to increase considerably the number of women teaching at universities in the next years. Highly qualified women experts from the operational area are contacted as potential candidates for a professorship. Lectureships will give these women the opportunity to fill possible gaps of pedagogical knowledge or skills. For more details on this lectureship program, please see www.rein-in-die-hoersaele.de



You can find actual information on the percentage and number of women students in all degree programs of Ingolstadt University by following the link Statistics.

Women's Representatives

Women's Representative of THI
Prof. Dr. Katherine Roegner
Phone : +49 841 9348-2544
Room : B204
E-Mail :
Deputy Women's Representative, Programme director and Academic advisor Automotive Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manuela Waltz
Phone : +49 841 9348-3530
Room : A106
E-Mail :
Angelika Ingenhütt
Phone : +49 841 9348-7600
Room : F128
E-Mail :
Elke Riegelsberger
Phone : +49 841 9348-7650
Room : F128
E-Mail :


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