eTHIcs basic: Recent Topics in the Ethics of Technology

Open lecture series on ethical implications of current technological developments


Technology ethics deals with moral problems concerning the use of technologies. It raises fundamental questions about our relationship to artifacts. Should we delegate ethical tasks to machines? What normative principles should guide their design? How does interaction with artifacts influence our moral behavior? Can we change this influence by designing the human-machine interface in an ethical way? Certain technologies may raise more specific questions. What are the challenges of hybrid traffic of manual and automated cars? How should a recommendation system communicate uncertainty to a radiologist? What impact does social media have on the culture of our society?

In bi-weekly lectures, rotating experts will offer their views on the ethical implications of current technological developments.

The event will take place on six Wednesdays in the winter semester 2023: 11.10., 25.10., 08.11., 22.11., 06.12. and 20.12.

Time: in each case 13.15 to 14.45 o'clock

Location: Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Building D, Room D114

The lectures are open to all interested parties. Registration is not necessary. The focus and speakers of the individual dates will follow shortly.

Please note that the lecture series will be held in English.

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