Plans for the summer semester

We will start the semester on March 15 in digital operation. In any case, this teaching operation will be maintained until April 30. Exception: Practical courses can also take place on site. You will hear directly from your lecturers or faculty how this will be implemented for your courses.

Depending on the infection rate and the respective political agreements, we will switch to a mixed operation with digital and on-site lectures as soon as possible. On-site lectures will be offered especially for students in their first or second semester who have hardly been able to get to know the THI and their fellow students so far due to Corona. They should receive special support at the beginning of their study programme.  

Mandatory mask wearing

In order to comply with the mandatory mask-wearing, medical face masks ("surgical masks") or FFP2 masks have to be used. So-called community masks are no longer sufficient, thus also the THI masks are no longer permitted. 

Recording of attendance

According to the Bavarian Infection Prevention Measures Order, we are responsible for recording the presence of students in lectures, at the service points and in the library. This helps us to trace and interrupt possible chains of infection. We have chosen an electronic system which enables you to check in and out of the rooms by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone. You can find a short manual on Moodle.

Please note: Registration is obligatory and a requirement for participation in face-to-face teaching.

Your data will be protected. It will be encrypted and saved in the computer centre of the Institute for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria and automatically deleted after four weeks.

You can also register your fellow students. If you have forgotten your mobile phone or if there are technical problems, the lecturer can authorise you to register your attendance retrospectively on the same day using the following link:

Otherwise, the lecturer can expel you from the room if you have not registered.

House ban

At the THI a house ban applies to any individual who meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Individuals diagnosed with COVID-19
  2. Individuals who know they had contact with any individual diagnosed with COVID-19 (contact persons of category I and II) during the past 14 days,
  3. Individuals with symptoms that may suggest an infection with COVID-19, e.g. fever, cough, respiratory problems, loss of sense of taste/smell, sore throat, rhinitis or pain in the limbs,
  4. Individuals who are obliged to go into domestic quarantine according to the currently valid Post-Entry Quarantine Ordinance (EQV)

Due to the rapid changes in the risk areas according to the RKI, we ask you to follow up on these at your own responsibility. It is compulsory to comply with the quarantine regulations.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask you to inform the president or chancellor of the university immediately.

Please note: If you live in or have been to a "Corona hotspot" (over 50 infections/100,000 inhabitants), you may still enter the university grounds as long as you don’t meet the criteria above mentioned.

Library and ServicePoints

The library (incl. reading room) of the THI is open via the lock for all university members between 8:00 am and 20:00 pm. We will continue to offer a pick-up service for books ("Click & Collect", more information and terms of use on the library website).

The service points will remain closed for the time being in order to avoid personal contacts. Please use digital contact options and the telephone.