Practical experience

In addition to equipping students with fundamental scientific skills, we also attach importance to practical experience. We prepare our students for future professional assignments by means of integrated practical studies, project work and final degree assignments completed at companies. We also offer dual degree programmes for practical student orientation.

Practical projects

Each student is involved in at least one practical project in the course of their degree studies: this is completed by team of several students working with partners from the practical world of work for a period of one semester. In this way students gain practical experience, while companies benefit from operational concepts based on the current state of scientific knowledge.

Dual studies

The dual degree enables a combination of practical training elements in a company with the theoretical education provided by the university. There is a choice of either the joint model (academic study and vocational training) or the degree course with vocational experience (academic study and intense practical phases). There is an obvious advantage to students here: practically oriented academic study generally enables a particularly smooth transition from university to the world of work. What is more, the student usually receives financial remuneration from the company concerned.


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