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Guest Lecture in the Master's program Financial Management and Controlling

Financing must be serviced, but the liquid funds are not sufficient to do so - the difficulties that arise from this were explained by auditor Markus… more

Publication "The Social Media Cycle" appears in second edition

Around 300,000 downloads and multiple uses as a textbook by colleagues at other universities: "The Social Media Cycle" by Prof. Dr. Alexander Decker… more

Guest lecturer from Deloitte in the Master's Tax and Consulting degree program

Christian Booms from the auditing firm Deloitte gave a lecture on how auditors proceed when they issue financial statements for companies. In the… more

How companies will remain successful in the future

Customer first! The digital customers of the future are mobile-connected, want sustainable consumption, can be inspired and "nudged "* and can be… more

Supermarkets soon without cashiers? Prof. Knoppe in the "Frankfurter Rundschau"

Autonomous supermarkets, completely without staff - can this be a functioning business model for the future? Prof. Dr. Marc Knoppe, Professor of… more


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