THI Business School lecturers "slam" at the Schanzer Climate Slam

Five people in front of a screen.

Photo: Our Future e.V.

"Clear the stage" was the motto for lecturers Prof. Dr. Cristian Loza Adaui and Prof. Dr. Christian Locher of THI Business School, when they took part in the first Schanzer Climate Slam organized by Our Future e.V. in cooperation with FC Ingolstadt and the City of Ingolstadt. A total of five people "slammed" with exciting presentations and fascinating insights from science and research.

Prof. Dr. Cristian R. Loza Adaui was enthusiastic about the idea of the project from the outset. As a professor of sustainability management, he sees it as his responsibility to share and expand knowledge and perspectives to shape a more sustainable future. He succeeded in this perfectly with his presentation on "Metaprofit for sustainable futures." He thought the event was extremely successful and that it offered many different perspectives and approaches to highlight the issue of sustainability. The audience was very engaged and asked important questions, which underlined the high level of interest in this topic. He was also impressed by the diversity of opinions as well as the enthusiasm of the audience.

Prof. Dr. Christian Locher, Head of the Digital Business program, is also very concerned about sustainability. He used the establishment of an employee energy initiative (MEI THI), which he has been building up for a year together with Prof. Dr. Klaus-Uwe Moll, as an example for his presentation "Crowd Funding for the Energy Turnaround - using the MEI THI as an example". Locher was also enthusiastic about the interested auditorium and was able to gather many new and exciting perspectives.

Further presentations with highly topical subjects such as "Why opaque windows can reduce your heating costs...", "Plastic sorting - simply explained!" and "Traffic turnaround - a search for traces by bicycle" rounded off the program.