Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer gave research lecture at Université de Bordeaux

Two men in front of a historical building.

Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer and Maitre de conférences Dr. Guillaume Deprez (Université de Bordeaux, Laboratoire de Psychologie), Photo: Augsdörfer

Prof. Dr. Peter Augsdörfer, lecturer at the THI Business School for Management Strategy as well as Technology and Innovation Management, is one of the leading scientists for innovations in the underground of large companies. His last publication last fall as well as the recently organized symposium on bootlegging has motivated many scientists to take a closer look at the topic. So did the faculty of industrial psychologists at the Université de Bordeaux in France, who invited him to give a lecture on the state of research.

The topic was particularly interesting because, especially from a psychological point of view, many research questions are still open. Most scientists deal with bootlegging from a business perspective. And so, the psychologically influenced questions from the audience were also often challenging for the engineer Peter Augsdörfer.

To close these cross-disciplinary knowledge gaps, it was decided that Prof. Augsdörfer and Dr. Guillaume Deprez, lecturer in occupational psychology at the Université de Bordeaux, would jointly supervise a future doctoral student. The latter is currently writing her master's thesis on this topic and would like to continue her research by doing her doctorate, starting in fall.