THI students develop marketing and sales concept for Allgäuer Hofmilch

The students with supervisor Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheed (2nd f.l.) and managing director Kuno Linder. Picture: private

Students of the Masters Marketing / Sales / Media at THI Business School have developed a comprehensive marketing and sales concept for Allgäuer Hofmilch GmbH in Sonthofen. At first, they conducted on-site customer surveys in nine Bavarian supermarkets as well as in online portals. Based on the results, they developed various measures to increase brand awareness. For example, the students recommended targeted marketing campaigns directly in supermarkets, such as regular tastings. They also developed a comprehensive social media strategy and analyzed the company's market potential in the German eFood market up to 2030.

"The project results were very valuable in further improving the visibility of our regional dairy in the hay-milk market," said Kuno Linder, managing director of Allgäuer Hofmilch. "Projects like this are an integral part of all bachelor's and master's degree programs at THI Business School," says Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheed, who supervised the project.