„Bundesverdienstkreuz“ (engl.: order of merit) for Professor emeritus Thomas Doyé

Markus Blume (left) during the ceremony with Prof. Dr. Thomas Doyé. Picture: Bavarian State Ministry of Research, Science and the Arts.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Doyé, professor emeritus of THI Business School, former vice president of THI and founder of the "Institut für Akademische Weiterbildung" (IAW) at THI has been awarded the Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Bavarian Minister for Science and the Arts, Markus Blume, presented the honor in Munich and praised Doyé's "remarkable creative energy that puts people first." Doyé has earned lasting merits in Ingolstadt, Bavaria and all over Germany as a pioneer and trendsetter in academic education, Blume continued. Through his "ideas and impulses, academic qualification was made possible for many new target groups for the first time." In addition to founding the IAW in 2008, Doyé also initiated the Integration Campus in 2015, which aims to prepare refugees with university entrance qualifications for studies and the job market in Germany.

Colloquially known as the Order of Merit, the honor is awarded for special achievements in political, economic, cultural, intellectual or honorary fields.