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Symposium "Digital Business Models: Developing - Implementing - Marketing" at THI

THI Business School together with the Center of Competence for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 4.0 Augsburg organizes a symposium entitled "Digital… more
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THI student cleans up littered BMX course

Used syringes, dirty diapers, bulky waste and rubbish have made a BMX bike course in Kirchheim near Teck southeast of Stuttgart impassable. Jan… more
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ThinkBusiness Podcast episode 12: Semester and internship abroad

In today's episode, we interview Eva Ilic and Juan Barbero Navarro from the International Office of THI. Juan Barbero is responsible for all issues… more
An electrical car charges energy

Master's thesis examines the potential of electric cars as mobile energy storage devices

With the increased use of solar and wind power, the demand for flexible energy storage systems is also growing. Can electric cars with their batteries… more
Four people standing on stairs in front of the Elisabeth hospital

Donation campaign: Students sew protective masks

Sophia Kick, Lisa Matzke and Philipp Ettinger have done a real hard work for the good cause: in 43 days, the three students of the THI Business School… more


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