Simon Heinz

As Head of Digital, Simon is responsible for Sanacorp's digital business. With his team, he develops customer-centric and data-driven solutions in the healthcare market. In addition, he manages the business of the management consultancy productbento. productbento develops strategies in the area of digital services for its customers and teaches methodological skills. Simon is also involved as a mentor in the Adidas family's leAD Sport Accelerator and gives the lecture "Systematic Creativity" at the University of Augsburg.

Before joining Sanacorp, Simon was Managing Director of the software business of the Bavarian medical device manufacturer milon. milon is the leading manufacturer of electronically controlled training devices. He also gained experience in the start-up environment (eGym) and the multinational company SIEMENS.

Simon holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich with a focus on digital innovations as well as a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Technical University Ingolstadt. He is also co-author of the publication "Should We Take a Closer Look? Extending Switching Theories from Singular Products To Complex Ecosystem Structures”.