Individual support

Students at THI can contact the student counselling if they have any questions about the organisation of their studies, the planning of their studies and, in particular, if they have any challenges during their studies. The consultations are individual, personal and take place in a confidential setting. 


Office hours, contact and further information can be found on Moodle.

Further questions on other topics?

"Questions about studying" are manifold, sometimes complex. For many topics there is not just one contact person. Therefore, it may be necessary to contact the relevant contact persons before or after contacting the student counselling and to include the result in an appointment with the student counselling for further study planning. In the following you will find an overview of the most important contacts to whom you should turn directly for specific topics. However, if you are unsure, the student counselling will also be happy to help you find the right contact person.

Further questions on other topics?

If you are unsure, please take such questions and considerations with you to an appointment with the student counselling office to sort out your personal situation and, if necessary, identify the appropriate contacts in the network.

The student counselling office will also be happy to help you with your choice of Master's programme.

Contact us: Student Counselling

  • Deadlines of all kinds during your studies (e.g. repeat examinations, deadlines for first attempts in certain semesters)
  • Fulfilling the condition for advancement to the next stage of study
  • Fulfilment of the admission requirements for compulsory internships, specialization studies or final thesis
  • Formal registration and, if necessary, deregistration of all types of examination work (examinations, compulsory internships, thesis)
  • Formal questions regarding an application for a place at university, e.g. application documents for a change of course or university

Service Center for Study Affairs 

However, the information on the upcoming deadlines etc. can and should be brought along to a counselling appointment with the student counselling as an important basis for counselling, e.g. in order to plan the further course of studies.


  • Questions regarding the content of specific modules or specialisations (contact: module supervisor)
  • Questions regarding the content of the course of studies in general (contact: academic advisor or programme director)
  • Questions about the planned range of subjects (Is module XY also offered in semester XY?)
  • Questions about the planned examiner (Who is the examiner for module XY?)

If you have any questions regarding the subject content, the respective programme director, academic advisor, module supervisor or the Dean's Office of your faculty may be the right contact person, depending on the question.