THI-motion - the path to success at university

Firstly, it is helpful to have a sound basis in the fundamentals of the various subjects being studied. In the engineering sciences, for example, this applies especially to mathematics and physics. Anyone who is not sure they have a sound basis in these areas can take a bridging course to refresh their knowledge.

Learning at university is very different from learning at school or doing a vocational training course. The emphasis here is much more on independent study. Not all students have the necessarily skills required here, but there are workshops to help improve self-organisation. You can sign up for these on our Talent portal. The events for new students also include talks on the subject of organising your studies. 

It is essential to strike a healthy balance in your studies. University sports offer an attractive range of options here. Another way of finding friends and getting actively involved in things at university - while also acquiring sound skills for later working life - is to join a student group