Scholarship database

This database lists the scholarship programmes offered by the DAAD for study, research and internship stays abroad. The database has been completely restructured and made more user-friendly. The aim was to present the DAAD's scholarship programme more clearly and to make it easier to find the right scholarship programme. In the further course you will find the DAAD's text on the essential innovations.

Homepage of the database:

  • Introduction of a full-text keyword search
  • new option to enter only individual search criteria (e.g. only target country or only subject area);
  • Display of all programmes listed in the database on the start page

Individual programme announcements: 

  • Subdivision of the advertisement texts into several tabs: "Overview", "Application requirements", "Application procedure", "Contact and further information" and, if applicable, "About the application"
  • Integration of information that could previously only be accessed via additional clicks (e.g. "Information for students", rate lists, etc.) into the call for proposals texts, in the form of corresponding text modules as well as a "scholarship calculator".
  • Linguistic simplification and standardisation of the texts

You can find the new database under the familiar link:

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to some important changes in our scholarship programmes:

  • Some regional application deadlines in the major "standard programmes" have changed. You will find the current dates in the new scholarship database at, in each case on the "Application Procedure" tab.
  • The funding lines "One-year scholarships for doctoral candidates" and "One-year scholarships for doctoral candidates with bi-nationally supervised doctorates", which were previously combined in one programme announcement, have been transferred into two separate announcements for the sake of clarity.
  • One-year scholarships for students can no longer be extended (previously this was possible in certain exceptional cases).
  • One-year scholarships for graduates who complete a full Master's programme abroad (24 months) can be extended regularly (and not only in exceptional cases, as was previously the case).
  • Doctoral students with research projects can no longer apply to the Annual Scholarship Programme for Graduates; however, the Postdoc Programme is open to them as before. However, research within the framework of Master's theses written during a Master's programme abroad can be funded in the Annual Scholarship Programme for Graduates.
  • As of now, a new language certificate form is valid for the proof of language skills at the time of application, which will be filled out by the language centres or foreign language lecturers at the universities as before. The form as well as a list of exempting language certificates for which proof on a DAAD form is not required can be found under the following links:

We would be pleased if you would also pass this information on to the foreign language lecturers and language centres at your universities.

  • Foreign nationals can apply for a DAAD international scholarship if they are enrolled in a degree programme at a German higher education institution with the aim of obtaining a degree at the German higher education institution or if they are doing a doctorate at a German higher education institution (until recently, applications were only possible for foreign nationals eligible to apply for BAföG).

We hope that the new scholarship database and the further information are helpful for advising your students! If you have any questions about our scholarship offer, please feel free to contact us.