Costs & Financing

Doing an internship abroad incurs certain costs which vary considerably depending on the country you are going to:

  • cost of travel
  • cost of accommodation
  • living costs
  • possibly local travel costs
  • telephone and internet costs
  • overseas health, accident and third-party liability insurance
  • leisure activities
  • visa, vaccinations where applicable

However, there are a number of good funding options to cover these costs:

  • Internship remuneration
  • Auslands-Bafög (student loans for studying abroad)
  • Grants and funding options

For some grants you can apply directly through the International Office:

  • Erasmus (for European countries) for internships (SMP)
  • Promos (for countries outside Europe) for studies or internships
  • Travel expense grant awarded by the state of Bavaria (for countries outside Europe).