You are interested in law?

Then why not use the Juris database on the library's website

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The Juris online portal gives you access to several million documents from all areas of law - whether you are on the THI network or accessing them from home.


Juris is one of the leading online portals for legal information in Germany and has a collection of relevant decisions dating back to 1879.

Juris includes:

  • Decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court
  • Decisions of the Federal Patent Court
  • Decisions of the five highest federal courts
  • Decisions of all courts of instance in Germany
  • Decisions of the European Court of Justice
  • All standards of federal and state law
  • Administrative regulations
  • Law and promulgation gazettes of the federal and state governments
  • Information on EU law
  • Information on collective agreements
  • Economic issues

Actuality of the contents

Since Juris works closely with courts, authorities and publishers, you can rely on the content being up-to-date.


Juris offers you legal commentaries, journals, work aids and handbooks. Authors and documentalists also provide their own content and fully evaluate over 800 journals.

Quick guide

Here you can find a quick German start guide for Juris.