Terms of Use and Copyright Provisions

Please note the following when using licensed electronic resources such as e-books, electronic journals, and databases:

In the case of such offers, the copyright provisions and terms of use of the respective publisher or editor are always valid. They are usually found online on the publisher´s servers. Access to the respective offers requires their compliance.

The following applies to all offers:

  • Fulltext access is limited to members of THI.
  • Fulltexts of articles / chapters / workpieces may be printed or saved solely for personal use, teaching and research purposes.
  • A systematic download of articles, chapters or search results, especially by robots, but not limited to, is prohibited. In case of non-observation the access to the respective offer threatens a blockage for the whole campus!
  • A pass of articles / chapters to third parties is prohibited both electronically and in printed form.
  • Research results may not be used commercially.


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