For all undergraduate students of THI, the library is a place of learning and communication as well as a competent partner for information literacy and scientific work.

Our introductory courses as part of your studies provide you with initial information on the infrastructure and tools, such as the library catalog and other research tools.
You can also use our leaflet Getting started (PDF).

You didn't take part in a first term introduction? The library staff will be happy to answer your questions at the ServicePoint. You can also find further information in our Moodle course or via your programme directors and deaneries.

In addition, the library provides you with extensive equipment to simplify your studies. For further information, visit our services.


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Phone: +49 841 9348 2160


Current Opening Hours:

01/08/2022 until 25/09/2022:

Mon – Sun: 6 am – midnight
(for THI members)

Mon – Fri: 1pm – 5pm
(for externals)

15/08/2022 (Assumption Day):

6 am - midnight
(for THI members)

(for externals)

From 26/09/2022:

Mon – Sun: 6am – midnight 
(for THI members)

Mon – Fri: 10 am – 6 pm
(for externals)